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Gandhi and the Popes, from PiusXI to Francis

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A well-documented study based on currently accessible sources. (L’étude est bien do-cumentée, du moins pour les sourcesactuellement accessibles) -  J. Scheuer sj, "Nouvelle revue théologique"

The account of Gandhi’s visit to Rome in chapter 1 deserves special consideration. The author has had access to hitherto untapped sources in the Archivio Segreto Vaticano which shed new light on the real reasons for Pius XI’s “not being able” to grant the Mahatma an audience. This part is commendable for its richness in details. The author proposes an original interpretation through his study of leadership and communication in the context of inter-religious dialogue. [...] the book can be appreciated as a lively and detailed introduction to Indo-Christian intercultural exchange. - Mario Prayer, "Catholic Historical Review"

A work that will be welcomed not only by Gandhian scholars but also by those interested in certain dimensions of interculturality that inform Chrstianity and Indian thought. This is indeed an informative book, comendable for its daring analysis on an immensely relevant topic. - Abraham M. Antony, sdb, "Mission Today"

It is up to the reader to discover the answers to the questions posed by the author of this original and intriguing historical study, which, among other things, has received from Peter Lang publishers the noteworthy honour of being numbered the 160th volume in their 40 year-old series, Studies in the Intercultural History of Christianity

(Starà al lettore scoprire le risposte a questi interrogativi emerse da questo originale e intrigante saggio storico che, tra l’altro, ha ricevuto da Peter Lang la nota di merito di essere an noverato quale 160° volume della quarantennale collana Studi Interculturali sulla Storia del Cristianesimo). - Simonetta Blasi, Faculty of the Sciences of Communication, UPS, Rome.

An accomplishment in investigative scholarship no intelligent reader will deny. Not for nothing this book is deemed worthy of inclusion in the esteemed series, Studies in the Intercultural History of Christianity published by Peter Lang. - C. M. Paul, "Matters India"

[...] a wealth of material that teaches a great deal about the Catholic Church and Gandhi over the last 70 years. - Paul A. Soukup, "Communication Research Trends"