Salesian Family Songfest

A collection of 17 hymns for the Salesian Family inspired by the spirituality of St.John Bosco and St. Francis de Sales. A tribute of love and gratitude for the education received from Roney Gomes & family. The Music Score is available below the YouTube video. 

Contains hymns to Don Bosco, Mary Mazzarello, Dominic Savio, Laura Vicuna, Francis de Sales, a past pupil's anthem, a prayer for Salesian vocations, thanksgiving songs for youth...

Download, the  music score of Salesian Family Songfest from the music book Witness to Light from songs 14-22 HERE

The Marian Collection

A tribute of 21 hymns to the Mother of Jesus Christ and therefore, the world's first Christ-bearer. 

A modest attestation to the joy of believing in a God who renews and redeems the world through the generous cooperation of ordinary, insignificant people ready to make His dream a reality in their everday lives - just like Mary.

Click here for free access to 21 recorded hymns along with lyrics and music score.

Don Bosco - A Witness to Light 

(Album 2011 / Music score: 2018)

An audio album, created as a tribute to St. John Bosco on the occasion of the visit of his relics to India from the Salesian Family of the Province of Mumbai, August 2011.

It contains 13 songs.

All 13 songs are now available on the God Stil Loves Channel. To listen to the album click >> Here or Here with the Lyrics 

Download, the 'The Music Score' of songs 1-13 >> Here

The melodies, English lyrics and orchestration of these songs (except 12 and 13) are inspired by Italian hymns to St. John Bosco.

English Lyrics: Peter Gonsalves, SDB 

(Download the album Lyrics here)

Orchestration and Sound design: Amon Daniels

Singers: Faith and Harmony Inc.

CD Price: INR 100

Some of the songs have been interpreted visually on YouTube:

01. Welcome to our land (3.21) 

03. Raise your voices (3.10) 

04. A little village juggler (3.11) 

09. You believed (4.10)

11. Teacher of the World (2.33)  

Contact details:

Tej-prasarini, Don Bosco Communications,

Matunga, Mumbai, 400 019, India.

Email: /

Phone: 91-22-24150680 / 65007840.

The Peter Gonsalves Collection - Lyrical Food for the Soul

(Album 2012 / Music score: 2014)

A collection of 70 songs in MP3 to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of his priestly ordination (1987-2012) and twenty years of 'Tej-prasarini', the publication house he founded in 1992. The collection brings together songs taken from his 5 albums and Epilogue. 



'The Music Score' of the 70 songs compiled by Jay Franco >> Here.

See the Article & Interview by C. M. Paul

Contact details:

Tej-prasarini, Don Bosco Communications,

Matunga, Mumbai, 400 019, India.

Email: /

Phone: 91-22-24150680